“The Good, the Bard and the Ugly” in Fredericton September 24

For reservations, click here. Friday, September 24 at the Charlotte St Arts Centre. Bar service and music by Frantically Atlantic at 7pm … Play at 8pm!

An hilarious Shakespearean spoof. Admission by donation at the door or etransfer info@livebaittheatre.com

The Good, The Bard and the Ugly – written by and featuring Michelle Daigle, Ron Kelly Spurles, and Don Rigley
Will Shakespeare needs a new play for the Queen – in less than a week. Desperately he puts together bits and pieces of plays he’s been working on but has yet to produce. The result is a show with many of Shakespeare’s most famous characters, speaking some of his most famous lines – out of order, to the wrong character, and sometimes confused with other lines! The outcome is a humorous smorgasbord of love lost, love found, lust, dramatic tension and absurdity with love potions, sleeping potions and death potions! All of this, and music to boot. Presented in association with Frantically Atlantic.

Supported by a Province of New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture Touring Grant.

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