Live Bait is Accepting Proposals for Their New Works Festival to held July 14 – 17

Live Bait is Accepting Proposals for Our New Works Festival to held July 14 – 17

Live Bait theatre is excited to announce that they will holding their third annual New Works Festival July 14 – 17 in Sackville. The Festival will see presentations of works in different art forms, at different stages of development, by professionals and community members. This could range from something like a reading from a chapter of a book someone is working on, to the first showing of something like a play, or a dance, or a work of art.  There will also be workshops on developing new work. Anyone can submit a proposal for a project, including professionals, amateurs, and young people. The deadline to submit a proposal for a project is April 30.

Proposals can be made in one of three categories: “Exploring an Idea” – where people would be looking to just discuss an idea for a project with other artists or the public, or to just try something out with a group of people; “Presenting a Bit” – where people might want to, for example, read a chapter from a book they’re working on, or have a reading of a play they are developing, or show the first works in a series of fine arts works; and “First presentations” which will include perhaps a complete art show, or a dance show, or a play. Each category has funding and support criteria.

The New Works Festival will also be presenting some short-site specific plays during the Festival, and they are looking for people to write and work on those. They are also doing a play in a day event and looking for writers, directors and actors for those as well.

Anyone or any group can apply to have a project be part of the Festival. Because of the way the Festival is funded, there will be a majority of projects from Southeast New Brunswick, but they are also open to possibilities from other places.

To apply, or for more information on this or other Live Bait projects, people can visit the Live Bait website or email

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